Our Story

Our platform serves and connects models, agencies and clients.

Our purpose is to educate and empower models to make informed decisions.
We strongly believe this is the best practice that best serves all praties.

The History

Managing and Supporting Models, Agencies, and Clients since 2007

As early as 2007, Mere Beauty Net was established as a marketing agency. Soon after, MBN’s need for modeling talents for its own and its clients’ projects exceeded the regional market supply. Moreover, The managers quickly realized many shortcomings in how models were selected, trained and presented. Therefore, the company established MBN Models agency department to provide an organized and systematic process of training and hiring models, each for the right opportunity.

MBN Models is now Supermodels SE. We are even more advanced and equipped to serve all business transaction triangle parties

Supporting you throughout your transaction triangle

What is SE?

SE means something it us. It is also what represent you of the following, or more. We will leave it to you to decide what inspires your.

  • Second Edition
  • Super Edition
  • Special Edition
  • Stunning Edition
  • Sassy Edition
  • Sleek Elegance
  • Shrewd Edginess
  • Strong Effect
  • Sophisticated Edition
  • South Eastern
  • Southern End
  • Southern Eagle
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